My Story

 Who am I What do I stand for?

My name is Hector Manuel Ramirez Hernandez 

I was born in Mexico, raised in California. With the ideas of coming to a new place to make a new story for our family name my parents entrusted me to work and chase my dreams. Having this choice of freedom comes with an overwhelming responsibility to feel like your choices are "correct." Knowing the sacrifice your parents did for you in one way or another makes you the center of your families future. 

I chose to preserve who I am in what I do. The complexity of choice that everyone holds. That is what I wish to show, in those moments of milestones and memories is where the human beauty is to me. 

Hector Ramirez (Father)

The guide in the idea of sacrifice for the future

Gabriela Hernandez (Mother)

The loving force to protect the roots for the present

Their message

I can only interpret what their real wishes were for me but what I do know is that they both want me to be happy. Often saying, "Si vas a ser un barrendero se el mejor barrendero del mundo"  meaning if you're going to be a sweeper be the best sweeper in the world. 

Their interests lied in providing happiness, responsibly.